embedded world 2019

February 2019 – Swissbit AG to exhibit
in Nuremberg

February 26–28 2019, Hall 1, Booth # 1-534, Messe Nuremberg, Germany

Swissbit will be presenting SD memory cards and the PU-50n USB stick with firmware-embedded cryptographic features or integrated secure element that enable secure boot or system authentication- and encryption-applications. Swissbit recommends the concept as it not only offers much greater security than simple software solutions but is also future-proof and more flexible than soldered TPM (Trusted Platform Memory) products. For Industry 4.0 applications, Swissbit will be introducing the concept of a net-policy-server for control and management of flash memory as an authentication token and boot device. This allows two-factor authentication to be linked to one IP-address so that a boot loader will only function within a defined network.

Highlighted are also various true industrial 3D NAND SSD products as well as a new series of Compact Flash Cards for long-term customer support.



  • Exhibition Centre
    90471 Nürnberg, Germany
    Hall 1, Booth 534


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