NAND flash overview

NAND flash rapidly changes in technology nodes and number of bits per cell, ever increasing the user capacity while constantly reducing the cost per bit.
The main differentiator of NAND flash is the number of bits per cell.

· SLC (single level cell) stores 1 bit per cell
· MLC (multiple level cell) stores 2 bits per cell
· TLC (triple level cell) stores 3 bits per cell
· QLC (quadrupel level cell) stores 4 bits per cell

The reliability and retention of each programmed level shrinks with each additional bit.
Swissbit continues to ship products with SLC, MLC and 3D NAND TLC technology.


3D NAND is the latest step to turn the planar bits vertical and increase the chip capacity two to fourfold.
The new 3D NAND enables new high density products at lower cost, but requires significantly higher error correction and sophisticated flash firmware management. Only few 3D NAND products are able to support an industrial temperature grade of -40°C to +85°C.
While lots of 3D NAND products are available in consumer quality, only few products truely are supporting industrial 3D NAND.
Swissbit X-75 and N-10m2/N-12m2 products are based on industrial temperature grade 3D NAND.



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